Tissue hassle garland is fun, unique and adds that  special something to wedding, shower and party decor.

It seems intimidating at first, but is really pretty simple. Once you learn how to do one, it is easy to crank out dozens of them quickly.

Here’s what you’ll need:
+ Tissue paper in your favorite coordinating colors 
+ Scissors
+ Ribbon, twine or rope
+ Hot glue gun and glue/or clear elastic bands.

1. Take your full sheet of tissue paper and lay it flat.

2. Fold it in half lengthwise.

3. Fold again widthwise.

4. Fold it again lengthwise.

5. Cut the paper in .25″ or .5″ strips (but not on the folded side). Leave about 1″ at the top uncut.

6. Unfold your sheet and cut down the middle.

7. Roll the paper, then twist the flat, uncut area between both tassle sections.

8. Twist and connect the twisted part into a loop and hot glue it closed. No hot glue gun? You can also close it with small clear rubber bands.

Repeat until you have your desired number of tassles.

9. Hang your tassles on your ribbon or twine in a repeating color pattern.