Have you heard of VIDA? If you haven’t, you have to see what they’re all about.

VIDA is a global collaboration of designers and makers that brings unique, exclusive collections to you, creating beauty every step of the way.
Watch this video to see what makes VIDA so unique. Each purchase makes an impact. How awesome is that?
I got my very own cashmere blend VIDA scarf and fell in love immediately. I was impressed with the quality, and love the story behind how it was made. 
Even the packaging is lovely and very high quality. 
And I love that the location where each scarf was made is printed on each scarf and signed by the designer.
VIDA offers a beautiful collection of high quality scarves and tops….there’s something for everyone.

PRODUCT LOVE // VIDA, Oh So Lovely Blog

Oh and I’m totally going to submit some of my own designs and patterns to VIDA with the hopes that I can become one of their designers. Everyone can submit designs, and if chosen they get a commission on every scarf sold. 

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