This post is not sponsored or paid, I’m sharing because I love the product and the cause behind it. 🙂
I was at Target (my oasis in the ‘burbs) this weekend looking for some paper plates (and a handful of other things that I didn’t go there for), when I saw an end cap featuring Cheeky Home products. I loved all of the very affordable and stylish designs on their paper cups, plates, napkins, and plastic table wear, but what I loved even more was what Cheeky stands for. I love companies who make it easy for all of us to give back while buying something that we already need. 
I decided that I wanted to share their mission with you as well. With every affordable Cheeky product you buy, they’ll help donate one meal to someone who needs it right here in the U.S. That’s pretty cool!
As of last Friday, Cheeky helped donate ONE MILLION MEALS through their partnership with Feeding America in just 15 weeks since launching at Target.
Here’s how it works. Super simple.
You can buy their first line of colorful paper and plastic tableware here.