Are you looking for some easy, last minute, and FREE fall DIY decor ideas?

Well today is your lucky day. 🙂

A couple of days ago all of the neighbors were outside hanging out, and my neighbor friend Monica noticed some cool looking twigs in the street. She said “these would be cute spray painted and displayed.” This is why we are such good friends, ha.

We both took a handful of the sticks and headed home.

Yesterday I spray painted the twigs with both gold and copper spray paint and made some quick and easy (and FREE) fall decor.

Just place them in any vases or jars you have on hand. Easy as that.

DIY  //  FALL DECOR, Oh So Lovely Blog

I actually think I like the spray painted leaves more than the twigs. They are so pretty, and once spray painted, they turn flexible and feel like they might preserve until next fall. I’ll have to remember this trick next year.

Aren’t they pretty?

DIY  //  FALL DECOR, Oh So Lovely Blog

Here’s the before shot.

DIY  //  FALL DECOR, Oh So Lovely Blog

And after a quick coat of spray paint. the left half is gold, the right is copper…kind of hard to tell the difference.

DIY  //  FALL DECOR, Oh So Lovely Blog

And look at these leaves again…please 🙂

DIY  //  FALL DECOR, Oh So Lovely Blog

It turns out that Monica did her twig project yesterday as well.

She sprayed hers with gold glitter, which give it just a hint of sparkle, but kept the pretty yellow color, and placed them in an old bottle she had on hand. Pretty and simple. I like hers more than mine. 🙂

DIY  //  FALL DECOR, Oh So Lovely Blog

See, you can make decor from pretty much anything. Just keep your eyes open when you’re outside and don’t be afraid to try it.

Are you working on any last minute DIYs for fall decor?