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I absolutely love my Cricut Joy and have used it to personalize quite a few items for back to school!

Even though we chose the virtual education route this semester, I wanted to make sure Vivi had everything she needed. I also think that having fun and cute school supplies helps to get kiddos excited for school.

I’m newer to the Cricut world, and have absolutely loved exploring all the different products and materials over the last few months.

I had no idea just how easy and versatile my Cricut Joy would be – I wish I had gotten one sooner.

Let’s take a look at the six back to school items we personalized with our Cricut Joy, shall we?

back to school supplies personalized with a Cricut Joy

Supplies needed for all six projects:

Cricut Joy (or any other Cricut machine)
– Cricut smart vinyl in your favorite colors
– Cricut basic tool set
– Cricut Access (Standard or Premium)
– School supplies to personalize

Unicorn pencil box

I love how easy Cricut Design Space is to use, and there are a ton of pre-made designs to choose from with a Cricut Access subscription. You really can’t mess it up.

I chose some gold foil vinyl and Vivi decided she wanted to cut a unicorn and her name for her school box.

Cricut Design Space and Cricut Access

The art was quickly cut, and I gently peeled away the unicorn using the weeder tool, then I smoothed it onto the box with the scraper tool.

Cricut Design Space and Cricut Access

We repeated the same steps to add her name to the box.

Vivi loves her personalized school box – it fits her personality so perfectly!

Flamingo sandwich container and art organizer

We have a majorthing for flamingos in our house, and were really excited to find some flamingo graphics available in our Cricut Access subscription.

We settled on this simple one and decided to cut three of them.

Cricut Design Space and Cricut Access flamingos
Cricut Design Space and Cricut Access Cricut Joy
Cricut Gold foil flamingos

The weeder tool was very handy at gently pulling away some of the smaller pieces.

Cricut Gold foil flamingos

Once the negative area was removed, I peeled off the first flamingo and gently added it to a cute sandwich and snack box with my scraper tool.

Cricut Gold foil flamingos on pink sandwich container

We added another flamingo to her art organizer box. I love how much personality a simple gold flamingo or two adds to these basic items!

Cricut Gold foil flamingos back to school

In our house we really love making art, so this caddy gets a lot of use and also looks cute displayed on our distance learning shelf.

Cricut Gold foil flamingos on pink art organizer back to school

Initial sandwich box

On our other sandwich container, we decided to add a “V” to the lid. We chose a font from the hundreds of options in Cricut Access and had it cut.

Cricut Gold foil flamingos fonts initials
Cricut Design space and Cricut Access
Cricut Access vinyl fonts and weeder

This font has some very thin sections, so the weeder tool came in very handy again.

Cricut Access vinyl fonts back to school
Cricut Access vinyl fonts on sandwich container back to school

We then carefully applied it to the box. I love all these fun colors together!

We’re going to use these containers for our picnic lunches we plan to occasionally have during independent learning lunch hour.

Cricut Access vinyl fonts on sandwich container back to school

Hearts and initial water bottle

Next we decided to fun up a water bottle. Vivi chose hearts and another “V” from our previous cuts.

Heart vinyl cricut coral hearts
Heart vinyl cricut coral hearts on water bottle

I cut a large sheet of hearts in various sizes. I still cant get over how many pre-made designs there are to choose from, and just how easy Design Space is to use.

Heart vinyl cricut coral hearts

I slowly applied each hart around the water bottle until they wrapped all around.

Heart vinyl cricut coral hearts back to school

The “V” was the perfect finishing touch!

Hearts bento box

We found another heart design and decided to cut a couple more in gold vinyl to add them to a bento box.

Heart vinyl cricut gold hearts bento box back to school

Bento boxes come in so handy for snack times. I try to fill them with a variety of snacks in the morning and Vivi snacks form them throughout the day.

Heart vinyl cricut coral hearts back to school

And here’s a look at all six personalized back to school items! I think they all turned out pretty cute, and Vivi loves everything.

back to school supplies personalized with a Cricut Joy

I highly recommend personalizing your back to school gear with a Cricut to get your kiddos even more excited for the year ahead!

back to school supplies personalized with a Cricut Joy

I hope everyone has a safe and healthy back to school season!


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