HomeGig – A new home renovation tool for homeowners

Have you heard of HomeGig? It’s a new home renovation tool for US homeowners to post jobs and for pros to bid on them. 

As you probably know, we’re big DIYers, but sometimes we need to hire out for larger, more involved projects. HomeGig will really help us with this in the future.

HomeGig – A new home renovation tool for homeowners, Oh So Lovely Blog

What makes HomeGig different?
Other sites sell homeowner data to pros in the form of leads, leading to spam calls, tons of emails, and waiting around for in person quotes. I’ve experienced this first hand with the other sites, and have never been happy using them.

I recently came close to posting on another site to get quotes for a basement epoxy application, but before I submitted my project I remembered how annoying the process is, and decided against it.

HomeGig removes all of the hassle by creating an open forum where homeowners can post detailed scans, measurements, pictures, and materials for the work they need done, and pros bid on only the work they want to do.

All bids, offers, deposits, milestones, and payments happen through the site to guarantee the homeowner is satisfied with their project and the pro gets paid securely for their hard work. HomeGig only gets paid when the pro gets paid, and while they are in their beta period, it’s completely FREE for pros!

They service up and down the east coast and the 50 most populous counties in the US, so they’ve got about 80% of the population covered.

They expect to cover the whole US by the end of the year! I can’t wait for them to come to Kansas City – this fixer upper still needs some help!

We still have a handful of new doors that need to be installed on our main downstairs level. It’s been 3 years since we started the process (oops). We definitely need to just hire it out.

door latch installation kit

How it works – homeowners:

Post a project
Simply answer a few questions and post the details of your project. You can upload pictures, include specific materials and design ideas. It’s all up to you. It’s ok if you don’t know every last measurement. They’ll walk you through the process so you can receive accurate, all-inclusive estimates. You can also control your privacy settings, so only the pros you want can see your project.

Find pros
Their two-step vetting process means they have the most reliable home service pros in your area. When more pros bid on your project, you get lower prices, better quality and a variety of designs. And there’s no spam, no calls and no texts. You can review the proposals on your own time, when it’s best for you.

Send invites
Browse local pros and invite as many as you want. Limit the visibility to only the pros you invite or make your project visible to all pros to get as many quotes as possible. HomeGig puts you in control of all aspects of your project.

Hire your project
Once you review the quotes and hire a pro, you will have the option to handle any payments on our secure platform or choose to pay the pro independently.

How it works – pros:

Create your profile
Sign up for a free account to save yourself time and money. Cut down on overhead costs from driving all over town bidding on jobs you may not get. Save yourself time by putting in multiple quotes at a time, all online. At HomeGig, you’ll have access to all of the posted jobs, absolutely free.

Bid on projects
Find the projects in your area from customers looking for your services. You can ask the homeowner questions if you need additional information to tailor your estimate to their needs. Stand out with your exemplary service, quality and unique touches that set your work apart from the crowd. The best part? Bid as much as you want for free!

Get invited
Homeowners control their privacy settings so they can only invite the pros they want. HomeGig allows customers to reach out to you directly without having to pay for advertising, leads, and other hoops. Remember, pros with full profiles that feature pictures of past projects, client testimonials and high customer satisfaction stand out from the competition.

Get paid securely
HomeGig allows you to securely link your business bank account so customers can pay you directly. For bigger projects, money can be put into escrow so both you and the customer can work out milestones and payment terms. Get paid for completed projects in a timely manner without worrying about bounced checks or endless paper receipts

HomeGig – A new home renovation tool for homeowners, Oh So Lovely Blog

Below are some unique HomeGig features that help simplify the home improvement process:

  • Free job postings
  • Comprehensive pro listings
  • Improved user experience
  • Secure and easy communication and payment options
  • User-friendly job posting wizard
  • Zip code or rating-based pro listings

I’m so excited to try HomeGig soon, and have already signed up. I definitely recommend you signing up as well – get those home improvement jobs posted and experience the benefits firsthand.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post All opinions are honest and my own. Thank you for your support!

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