I’m back with some more IN PROCESS home tour photos of our new fixer upper!
Today I’m sharing our entryway living room/seating area.

Here’s the REALTOR photo of the room. The before, before…

walk into a foyer with a coat closet, stairs up to the bedrooms, entry
into the first living room, entry into the kitchen, and the steps down
to our main living room.


And a couple more befores I took with my phone…

I really love the ceilings in this house. Def one of my fave features.


Too much beige paint! This room needs some major brightening! Red stair carpet. Sigh.



We don’t have any carpet in the house EXCEPT for this lovely RED stair carpet. Sigh. I pulled those Victorian decor elements from the staircase the moment we turned the key to get into the house the first time, ha. They had to go stat.

The dining room paint is too dark, and the trim needs to go to white to go with all of the other trim. I plan on doing that next week.

And here are my in process photos.


We plan on knocking out the big wall where the shelf is as well as a wall in the dining room and opening up the kitchen a ton. We’ll add a DIY island in between the room as well. More on that one down the road.

I had to set this room up on night two to give myself a sense of peace, ha.

Then a couple of weeks ago I painted the room a light blue grey color (Opaline from Sherwin Williams). It really helped brighten the room, and let the decor pop instead of competing with the beige paint.

I still need to paint the wall leading up the stairs. I just ran out of energy.

I mentioned before, I hate the red stair carpet. We plan to either pull
it and replace with wood or completely take out the staircase all

It only leads up to the playroom/observatory, so there really
is no need for it. If we remove it, it will make the room much bigger, and save some extra heating and cooling energy.

I painted the under stair built ins in the same Opaline color to help them blend in. It helped a bit I think.

Here are a couple progress shots…


I love the extra deep built in storage.

And here’s the view out the windows. I’m hanging floor to ceiling curtains soon. I’ll either use some I already have on hand (in light aqua or light gold) or sew my own. We still need to remove the rectangle residue from the windows. That is a lovely remnant from the 1972 alarm system. 🙂

This is where the dogs hang out and wait for us to come home when they’re not otherwise occupied getting into the garbage or sleeping.

Another view. You can see some of the foyer and dining room in this shot.


Hi Edgar.
I’ll be painting the foyer walls soon in a brighter color. We’ll also be hanging the pendant light from Vivi’s old room and painting the beams the same white as the ceiling. More detailed before and after photos of the foyer coming soon!


Now we head into the dark, dreary dining room. As I mentioned, I’ll be painting the walls and trim much lighter shades to brighten it up. We’ll also be removing some walls. It’ll help open the rooms up so much!

I can’t decide if I want to paint the chandelier a pretty brushed gold and leave it or if we should replace it with our old kitchen pendant light (seen sitting in the middle of the table). Decisions, decisions.

After I paint, I need to get an area rug, hang wall art, and really freshen up the area. I’m trying to pace myself even though I wanna do it all NOW.

And then there’s the little seating nook area off of the dining room. Not sure what I’ll do with this area yet. Maybe add some chairs and a side table, or possibly add some storage for my office supplies, etc. We shall see how this space transforms. I gotta stop using it for a junk landing area, that’s for sure. 🙂

Well that concludes the in progress tour for today. Any suggestions or opinions you wanna share with me? I’m all ears!

Look for more photos soon!