Happy Friday, lovelies!

Hope all of my U.S. friends have a fun holiday weekend planned!

We’re going to visit my parents in adorable Hermann, MO. I can’t wait to stay the night in the home they just built and visit some wineries, of course!  Then we’re heading to St. Louis to meet our new brand little niece and nephew. Sooo excited!


Today and every Friday moving forward, I’m going to be sharing my Friday Faves with you. I’ll be featuring the items that I’m currently loving (in all price ranges and categories).

Aqua Dress
I adore this dress from Unique Vintage! It’s the perfect color and material, and how cute are those cap sleeves? I’m dying.

Bee’s Knees Hoop
How fun is this little embroidery hoop? Such a cute message, and would make a great gift for your fave people.

Dino Planters
I’m obsessed over these quirky planters, and have been eyeing them for months. I need them in my life!

Gold Pendant (sm.)
I’m all about gold and funky pendant lights, so this is right up my alley! This light is super affordable, so you can afford to buy a few.

Gold Pendant (lg.)
I love the shape and size of this light! It’s so mod and glam all at the same time. It’s a little pricey, but dang, I want it!

Travel Mug
I love this beautifully designed travel mug made by a friend of a friend, Cat Coquillette.  She’s a design genius. Just a warning, you can easily get lost for hours exploring her online shop.

Pineapple Earrings
I’m all about the pineapple! These trendy, little earrings pack some big personality at a fab price.

Record Player
I am all about my Crosby record player. There’s just something wonderful about listening to your favorite music on vinyl. And how pretty is the mint color?

Watermelon Tank
What a perfect summer tank! I love the watercolor watermelon pattern. So fresh!


Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s faves. 🙂