I created 8 free abstract art printables and wanted to share them with you!

I started by painting a large scale abstract paint poured painting for our bathroom remodel project (the painting eventually moved to our master bedroom).

Then I decided to take photos of different parts of the painting and scale to letter size. I tweaked the colors to offer more choices and sized them to letter size.

Oh, and I also made them phone wallpaper sized too!

I was feeling a bit springy when I chose the color palette.

Here’s a peek at all 8 free abstract art printables.

Scroll below for the high resolution download link to get your hands on all the options.

Like what you see?

Download your free abstract art printables and phone wallpapers here!

These printables are sized at letter sized, but can be printed to scale at smaller sizes if needed. If A4 is your preferred paper size you can simply print to fit that sheet on your color printer.

Don’t have a color printer? No worries — these can all be printed affordable at any online or in person print shop.

I’ve done this before when out of ink and it is usually only $1 a sheet printed on card stock.

The free abstract art printables would look amazing printed and framed in a clean frame with a larger mat around it as stand alone art piece.

Download your freebies here!

They’d also work really well in a gallery wall similar to what I did below. I mixed some abstract art with some photos and a quote, etc. It’s nice to have some artwork to mix it up.

So many options!

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Download your free printables and phone wallpapers here!

If you use any of my FREE printables I’d absolutely love to see them! Please tag me via InstaTwitter, or Facebook photos. And I’m always so very grateful when you Pin my work as well.  🙂


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