Kansas City peeps,

Today I’m sharing my latest DIY magazine contribution, a snowflake mobile. It’s pretty easy, and adds a bit of subtle winter sparkle to your holiday decor. D

To create the mobile, you will need the following items:

+ Scissors
+ Branch spray painted white
+ White thread
+ Scotch tape
+ White sparkly scrapbook paper (or similar)
+ Snowflake craft punch (I used two different sized punches)


Take your paper and punch out a bunch of snowflakes with your punches. I found that thinner paper works best with the craft punches.

Take your thread and cut strings in varying lengths. Tape them to the backside of the snowflakes, and then tie your strings to the branch. Trim any excess thread.

Hang your mobile from the ceiling similar to how I hung my Halloween bat mobile, or you can drape it over a mirror or anywhere you choose.

If you want to skip the mobile part, you can simply scatter your sparkly snowflakes on a table top with other holiday decor.