Is it just me or did the weekend fly by?

I got quite a few DIY projects done around the house, and am feeling pretty darn productive.

As you might have seen on Instagram, I got the front porch all decorated for fall/halloween, and painted the front door (watch for all of the photos and details on those projects tomorrow).

I had a temporary plastic adirondack chair from the deck on the porch until I found a good replacement. I looked all over, but realized that already I missed all of the good end of season clearance sales on outdoor chairs. Gaah!

Little did I realize that I had the perfect chair already on hand.


Yep. I saw some major potential in this old rocking chair given to me by my fave Great Aunt Elsie.

It sat on the front porch at our last house, and was one of my first DIY projects on the blog 3 years ago when I quickly recovered it in an aqua colored shower curtain fabric.

The fabric was removed, and it was time to give it a new life at our new house.

I liked the red color (and knew it would work well with the turquoise and red color palette already happening on the porch), but it was obviously worn out.

I bought some outdoor red spray paint and some dark wood stain spray, which totaled about $13, and got to work.


I started off spray staining the worn wood. I honestly kinda liked the light beachy looking aged wood, but wanted to stain it to help protect the wood a tad. Plus I’m sure the stain will fade over the years, and get naturally lighter again.

Here’s a before zoomed in shot of the wood before staining.

I did a light coat on all wood, and let it dry for about 5 minutes before spraying another coat.

While waiting for the stain to dry, I spray painted the seat cushions with the red outdoor spray paint, which is made to better withstand the elements.




After one coat.

Then I sprayed the back cushion, which wasn’t removeable, so I had to be extra careful not to get paint all over the wood.


I sprayed one more coat of the stain, and one more coat of the red paint, and placed the seat back on the chair.


I let it dry a bit, and moved it to its new home on the front porch.


The entire update literally took me 5 minutes. Seriously. Major impact for little time and money – boom!

Stay tuned for all of the front door and fall porch  photos tomorrow.

PS. I’ll report back later on how the red paint holds up. 🙂

Hope everyone has a great week!