**Featured in the Fall 2014 issue of Vintage KC Magazine**

Vintage KC Magazine challenged a handful of Kansas City creatives (me included) to DIY a project using pennies, and the final projects will be featured in the Fall issue (out the first weekend of September).

I quickly thought about what I could make using only items I had on hand…because that’s how I roll.

I had seen some cool DIY penny floors, but that wasn’t going to happen this time around. Then I thought about making a set of coasters, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I knew I had plenty of glue and a few unused photo frames laying around, so my next thought was a penny photo frame…yep, that was the perfect solution!

It was a pretty easy project, and I just love the different shades of copper – so fun!

DIY  //  PENNY PHOTO FRAMES, Oh So Lovely Blog

All you need is a photo frame, some pennies and a strong glue (super glue or epoxy). I personally liked using super glue for this one because it took a little while to dry, which worked with me and allowed me to shuffle pennies around pretty easily as needed.

Simply glue the pennies down to cover the area of the frame – you will want to keep them all lined up. Then add a second layer of pennies on top that to cover the negative space left from lining the pennies up. Keep repeating this step until you have al of the negative areas covered.


DIY  //  PENNY PHOTO FRAMES, Oh So Lovely Blog


Let it dry and bam – you have a cool, copper penny frame. Easy peasy.I can’t wait to see how the other creatives use their pennies!