The mason jar trend has been super popular over the last few years, and I’m still digging the simple mini mason style jars. I love using them as organizers and storage containers.

I’m also still loving the paint dipped look, so I thought I’d combine the two.

Acrylic paint
Mini mason style jars

I bought a 12 pack of these adorable mini jars with gold tops (yay, gold!) at Walmart for less than $10.

Simply paint two coats of acrylic paint on the bottom portion of your jar. I wanted mine to be more organic feeling, but if you want a crisp line, you can use masking tape.

Let it dry, and that’s it. You now have a cute storage container with a fun pop of color.

I decided to use the gold ring jar top—minus the flat top part—to bring in the gold on a couple of them.

I used mine for office supply storage as one as a candle votive.

And then I decided to move them to the bar cart. I just loooove my bar cart. 🙂


The possibilities are endless!

I was feeling super creative over the weekend, so I took advantage of it. I decided to dust off the paint supplies and do three paintings. It felt so good to paint again—it’d been years!

I’ll be using the paintings to decorate the dining room, which is almost done. Hooray!!

Here’s a finished sneak peek of my first painting.

And an in process shot of another.

I think these pieces will really bring some pops of cheery color to the dining room.

Vivi also got in on the action with this paper plate masterpiece. 🙂