This weekend I got my craft on and made some DIY floral pumpkins!

I wanted to create something unique and pretty to use in my fall decor, and something that I hadn’t seen before. I’d say these pretties are just that, and they turned out even better than expected (which rarely happens).

Best part: They only took me 30 minutes. I love projects like that. Anyone else?

DIY floral pumpkins

Here’s the quick tutorial.

Gather your supplies.


Medium to large faux pumpkin (white or cream)

Medium to large faux pumpkin (I spray painted navy)

Navy spray paint

Faux florals/stems in your fave look and colors

Faux Queen Anne’s Lace bouquet or similar

Faux succulents

Hot glue gun

Drill (any brand)

Drill bits

Wire cutters

(I chose to spray paint my black pumpkin navy, FYI)

DIY floral pumpkins

I plugged in my hot glue gun, and used my wire cutters to trim down the different florals into small pieces.

I started at the stem and hot glued a leaf on to get started.

Note: I swapped out a few smaller leaves for the one large one halfway through the project in case you are wondering. 🙂

DIY floral pumpkins

Next, I simply glued on more pieces of floral to my liking. The pink flower was a little large, so I pulled a few petals off of the bud and sort of made my own smaller flower.

DIY floral pumpkins

I love that this bouquet came with a succulent and these cute prickly green pieces.

DIY floral pumpkins

I continued to hot glue more pieces on in a sweeping line pattern.

DIY floral pumpkins

I wanted to add the succulent on the side, and since it’s a heavier piece, I decided to drill a hole for the stem to go into.

I simply found a bit that was similar to the diameter of the stem and drilled through the pumpkin.  This really helps support the weight.

DIY floral pumpkins

I stuck the succulent stem into the hole and glued on more floral until it felt done to me.

DIY floral pumpkins

That’s it, easy right? I just love how it turned out, and love the look of it on this copper candle stick.

DIY floral pumpkins

I repeated the same steps using my navy pumpkin and Queen Anne’s Lace bouquet. I love the bold colors in this one.

DIY floral pumpkins

These DIY floral pumpkins make the prettiest fall table centerpiece, but I think they’s also work super well for a fall wedding.

DIY floral pumpkins

Here are views from the top…

DIY floral pumpkins


I hope I’ve inspired some of you to make these DIY floral pumpkins for yourself!

If you do decide to make some, I wanna see how they turn out, so be sure to tag me  in your InstaTwitter, or Facebook photos. And I’m always so grateful when you Pin my work as well.


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DIY floral pumpkins