After returning from our anniversary trip to Victoria, BC and Seattle, I got back to work on the house.

Yesterday I started painting the living room, and now it’s ready for a second coat. I wasn’t sure about the color when I started, but I’m really happy with it in all hours of the day, and it really brightens the room.

During a much needed painting break I went mum and pumpkin shopping, which really started getting me into the spirit, and made me lose all interest in painting, ha.

I decided to quickly decorate the front porch. I’m sure I’ll be changing it up over the next few weeks, but here’s where it is now.

We have some things we’re planning to do to our entryway, and I hope to get started in the next week or two. I definitely want to paint the front door ASAP, change out the address numbers and possibly the light fixtures,  change the mulch to a black, and add in some fresh landscaping. I’m not sure if that will all happen this fall, but it’s the goal.

Aanywaaay, decorating the front porch was the jump start I needed to start decorating the rest of the house.

I styled our entryway table using items I had on hand, including my DIY paint drip pumpkins, my DIY gold painted leaves, and my DIY hurricane candles. These elements work well together, and instantly made our home feel all warm and cozy.

I was really enjoying myself, but quickly running out of time for the night. I decided I had time for one more quick update. I found a cool unused silver candle holder, and spray painted it a brushed gold, and it found a new home on the mantle. I love the warm shadows it casts!

I really enjoyed the DIY bat mobile I made last Halloween, but it got ruined in the big move. I hope I can find the time to do another one soon. 🙂

I also need to find a new home for the DIY BOO marquee lights!

Anyone else having some fun with fall/Halloween decorating? What are your go-to decor elements each year? I always love to hear new ideas, and mix it up.