Happy Monday!!
Have you all seen the DIY Blog Tours that have been going around the inter webs? 


Well, last week I was tagged by Megan over at Homemade Ginger, which is an adorable blog chalk full of cute DIY projects. Head on over – I guarantee you will find some good DIY inspiration there. Thanks for tagging me, Megan.
I’m excited to participate – here goes!
1. What am I working on? 
I usually have a handful of projects going on simultaneously, and that’s the case right now.
A big one: I’m putting the finishing touches on my new home office/craft studio, which was converted from our barely used formal dining room (updated last year for only $150). I found a cool desk and chair at a thrift store, and updated them to my liking. I also added a rug, accessories, furniture and decor from other rooms in the house. The whole office project cost me around $100. I’m waiting on my new pendant light to arrive, and once that’s in place I’ll reveal the before and after photos.
Another one: To make up for the loss of dining space, we’re building a custom banquette seating area in our kitchen. Hopefully that project will be completed in the next month. Hopefully.
And lastly: I’m working on some DIY Fall decor for my next Better Kansas City Segment
2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 
I have noticed that I share more free printables and downloads than most other bloggers do. I really just love creating and sharing them with my readers! It makes me so happy see an instagram photo with one of my freebies on someones wall or computer screen. I love it.
I wouldn’t say that my DIY projects drastically from other bloggers. I have found that many DIYers are fearless and aren’t afraid to dive right into projects. I love that! We are a determined bunch, ha.
3. Why do I write/create what I do? 
Much of my DIY project determination comes from buying a foreclosed house in need of many updates, but on a budget.
I love how much the house has slowly changed and how much it reflects our (mostly) my personal style (sorry Ted!). Our $500 DIY kitchen update is my fave DIY project to date. I love showing other people that anything is possible and you don’t have to spend lots of money to have nice things.
4. How does your writing/creating process work? 
I keep a running list of DIY projects that I want to try. I find inspiration everywhere I go, so I always keep a small notepad with me to jot down my ideas as they come to me. When I fill out my monthly blog planner, I pull the ideas from my list and schedule them. I’ve found that since starting to blog plan monthly, I have posted so much more often. It works great for me.
When I find the time to get to the DIY project ideas, I just dive right in – there is no stopping me, ha. I try to always remember to photograph each step, so I can share the tutorials with my readers (but every once-in-awhile I forget). Once the project is complete I take final photos, edit them and size them to fit my blog layout. Many times I place my photos first and then go in and add the copy and step-by-step instructions later.
I mostly write my posts in the evenings after Vivi goes to bed, and schedule them to run on social media in the mornings.
I’m tagging Brittnee and Skylar, over at My Only Sunshine Blog to participate in the Tour next Monday.
MOS started only a month ago, but already offers so many cute and easy DIY tutorials. Please go show them some love.
Check out my fave MOS DIY project:
They turned these boring placemats…
…into super fun watermelon and donut mats. How cute are they???
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Get the full tutorial here.