Looking for Disability Pride Month wallpapers? I’ve got you! I designed 24 free desktop and phone wallpapers to celebrate.

At the request of a blog reader, I started creating and sharing heritage wallpapers for Black History Month in February. Then came Women’s History Month,  Jewish American Heritage Month, AAPI Heritage month, and LGBTQIA+ – and I plan on continuing.

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Let’s peek at the 2023 Disability Pride Month wallpapers below, shall we!

I designed and shared Monday start desktop and phone options, Sunday start desktop and phone options, and no calendar desktop and phone options too.

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I really enjoy creating these wallpapers and learning the history.

On July 26, 1990 President George H.W. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act into law. Each July is celebrated as Disability Pride Month in commemoration of the historic moment.

The Disability Pride Flag, designed by Ann Magill, was created to encompass all disabilities. It was unveiled in October 2021 and shows a straight diagonal banner of five colors on a dark background. The flag is an update of Magill’s original 2019 disability pride flag, which showed the banner with zigzag lines.

According to the CDC, one in four people across all ages, races, ethnicities, genders, sexualities and religions have a disability, making the community the largest minority group in the U.S. Still, society holds many negative assumptions and stigmas about disabilities and the people who have them.

Here’s a look at the Monday start phone wallpaper options. Don’t forget, I also share these in Sunday start and no calendar versions as well.

Below are the no calendar desktop options. I like to use these so I can keep them up longer than a month. 🙂

And finally, here are the no calendar phone wallpapers.

So many options for you!

I hope you’re liking my heritage wallpapers. Below is a recap of what I’ve shared so far:

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How to set up desktop background in Windows

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