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I love an easy home organization hack, how about you? I upcycled a $2 thrift store photo frame into a DIY chore chart for my daughter’s playroom using my Cricut Joy.

It’s personalized and oh, so cute!

Supplies needed

Cricut Joy (or any other Cricut machine)
Transfer Tape
Cricut basic tool set
Smart Vinyl
Cricut Design Space
Frame with glass front
Cricut Access (Standard or Premium)
Free printable 8×10 backer art (available in 9 colors)
Dry erase markers

Not all supplies are shown in this photo.

I quickly designed a simple 8×10 colored background for the chore chart using Adobe illustrator. I created 9 colors of this design if you’re interested in downloading one completely free here.

Here’s a quick look at all color options:

You could skip this step if you have some pretty scrapbook paper or even white card stock on hand that you’d rather use.

We had our 8×10 background paper printed at our local UPS store on letter sized paper for $1 (since the quality there is much better than my home printer).

The easy steps for this home organization hack

Download your free printable chore chart background available in 8 colors here.

My daughter Vivi loves to help me with all my DIY projects as much as possible. She grabbed some scissors and trimmed off the excess edges.

Download your free printable chore chart background available in 8 colors here.

The cut doesn’t have to be perfect since the frame edges will cover up the paper edges.

How to personalize your chore chart using your Cricut

Take the glass out of the frame and place it on top of the paper background so you have an idea where you will want to add your personalization.

I intentionally left excess white space at the top to accommodate the personalization.

While I was designing the background image, I went ahead and designed a simple personalized header with my daughter’s name on it as well as a “chores” design.

You could easily create the exact same art using Cricut Design Space by adding a rectangle slightly wider than your frame and then adding the text on top using your preferred font.

The “chores” part is even easier to create in Design Space – you simply use the text tool, choose the font, and size.

One your design is ready, choose your material (I’m using Permanent Smart Vinyl) and head to your Cricut machine.

Load the Cricut with your Smart Vinyl and let it do the cutting.

Once the Cricut cutting is completed, grab your tools and start weeding. Gently pull the backer from the vinyl until it’s completely separated.

You’re then left with the banner and a punch out look of the name (bonus: you will have vinyl of the name left over for any other personalization projects).

Decide where the vinyl will go, and gently apply it to the glass using the burnishing tool ensuring a smooth application without bubbles.

Once you’re happy with your personalized name bar, it’s time to add “chores” below it. You might choose a different layout that my chore chart header – totally your call.

I used the weeding tool to remove the excess vinyl and then grabbed my transfer tape to start the transfer process.

Transferring your design to the glass frame

Place a section of transfer tape over your “chore” text and using your scraper, burnish the vinyl to the tape. Make sure you use firm, even pressure to ensure the tape can lift properly.

Carefully peel the tape away from the vinyl backer until “chores” is completely removed.

Find the center point and press the taped vinyl to the glass with your scraper.

Once the vinyl is adhered to the glass, gently pull the tape away.

Voilà! you now have a seamless 3D personalized vinyl design on your chore chart.

In hind sight I think I made the “chores” part a little too large, but thankfully it fits just fine. You might want to go smaller if you’re mimicking this look.

Place the glass back into the frame, add your background paper, and press the frame back together.

Take your dry erase markers and write in the chore list on the provided sections.

Vivi really wanted to do this part and I love that we came up with her chores together.

Remember, you can do this part your own way if you use scrapbook paper or another type of paper backer behind the glass.

As the chores are completed, Vivi places a checkmark next to them. Once all chores are checked completely off, we will take her for ice cream or something fun like that.

We hung up the frame in her play room, and decided to use a command strip backer to attach one of her cups to the wall to hold her markers. Perfect!

We love our home organization hack so much and having an official place to keep track of her chores is really going to help all of us!

Vivi is so proud of her DIY chore chart!

She actually looks forward to completing her chores and crossing them off. I consider this a big parenting win!

What do you think of our DIY chore chart? I love that we were able to make it together. We’ve made so many fun things with our Cricut Joy!

If you give this project a try, I’d love to see how it turns out. Please tag me in your InstaTwitter, or Facebook photos – I’m always so very thankful when you Pin my work as well.


This post is sponsored by Cricut, but all opinions are 100% my own. I truly love my Cricut Joy and think you will too!

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I was inspired to DIY some Valentine’s Day outdoor decor for our porch and window boxes for the first time ever. I’m so glad I did!

I’ve always been a big Halloween and Christmas holiday decorator (both indoors and out), but now I’ve permanently added Valentine’s Day to my list.

The last year has been pretty hard on everyone, and I found that after the holidays I wasn’t quite ready to take all of my exterior fairy white lights down.

I removed quite a lot, but decided to keep some fairy lights in our three window boxes, a couple smaller artificial lit trees, three lit artificial birch trees, and our front curtain lights.

The added white light sparkle in these dreary winter months have really brought me joy, and I love them even more with some DIY Valentine’s Day decor added to the mix.

I’m excited to share my 3 easy DIY Valentine’s Day outdoor decor ideas with you…let’s go!

The supplies:

Heart picks (I got mine at Dollar Tree, but they are sold out)
Pre-made heart banner (similar linked) – you could also DIY this
Dowel rods (or any other kind of stick or skewer)
Foam hearts (option 2)
Masking tape (or duct tape)
Heart tassel wreath (you could also DIY this)

Extra option: If you don’t want to buy or make a heart banner you can use a needle and yarn to string pom pons. I’m using this method on my interior Valentine’s decor.

1. DIY large foam heart picks

I purchased some colorful foam hearts for my daughter’s virtual education Valentine’s day party craft and had quite a few of them left over, so I decided to use them to make the easiest heart picks for our window boxes.

A handful of affordable dowel rods and masking tape is all I needed to make this project happen.

A note: I made these DIY projects quickly outside in the snow, so you know they’re fast and easy. 🙂

Simply take two strips of tape and strongly secure the backs of the hearts to the dowel rod (or any stick, etc).

I used a combination of dowel rods and a few longer s’mores sticks we already had on hand.

Repeat this step with a handful or hearts until you have a nice pile of heart picks.

Simply stick them in the window box greenery or whatever you are wanting to decorate (trees, potted plants, etc).

If you’re worried about the wind blowing and exposing the taped side, you could staple or tape another heart on the backside. So far mine have stayed forward-facing.

Window box before photo

Here’s a look at the window box before – after removing almost all the Christmas decor.

The box is filled with a set of 6 faux sweetgrass boxwoods, some greenery sprigs, a handful of silver and red berries from Dollar tree, and one strand of basic white holiday lights.

In the summer it’s filled with Boston ferns – my favorite!

Now it’s time to add the heart picks that are started to get covered in snow, ha!

Adding the Valentine heart banner for some extra festivity

I added eight heart picks and then decided to use four thumbtacks to attach the three pre-made heart banners to the front of the window box.

Here she is in the day time – cute I think!

Valentine’s Day window box decor at night…

I just love the hearts mixed with the curtain lights, and the shadows casted from our DIY uplighting – so magical!

I am in love with my curtain lights!

I’m very impressed with the masking tape so far. As I’m writing this, the hearts have already made it through two rains and a snow (I’ll add some more tape if ever needed).

Adding heart picks to two more window boxes

Last summer Ted and I made some quick and easy DIY window boxes (similar to our large one) for our two windows above the garage.

As soon as they went in I was so excited to decorate them for all the holidays!

Below is a look at one box as I removed the holiday bulb – It’s filled with some faux cypress greenery and plug in fairy lights.

The window boxes are not accessible from the upstairs windows unfortunately, so I have the use the extension ladder to access them.

I kept the plug in fairy lights in both window boxes. They’ve held up great since last September when I first added them for Halloween. I highly recommend them and also use them inside our home in a few places.

Night time window box view

I repeated the same steps on the other window box and moved onto the next project.

2. DIY Valentine’s Day decor foam hearts added to trees

This project is even easier than the heart picks – all you need is some masking tape and some foam hearts.

Secure foam hearts on the tree branches with your tape, and repeat the steps with different colored hearts until you’re happy.

Again, these have held up through two rain storms and some snow so far. If the tape ever gets weak I’ll simply remove the old tape and add fresh.

We have three pre-lit birch trees that I got on clearance at the end of the holiday season. They’re beautiful at night, so I’m so excited I can incorporate them into our Valentine’s Day decor!

Some similar pre-lit birch tree options I found online are below if you’re in the market:

A look at the pre-lit birch heart trees at night

Kinda fun right? These foam hearts are such an easy and affordable way to decorate – So festive!

3. Valentine’s Day outdoor porch decor ideas

Last area to decorate is the front porch. Here’s a look at how it was looking decorated for the holidays (the basket on the table is full of snacks for our delivery people):

And a look at the before with minimal winter decor – looking kind of blah.

I keep the string lights around our door year-round, and love the look.

Link to lion door knocker.

I busted out our leaf blower and cleaned up the porch. Then I grabbed my heart picks, my affordable heart tassel wreath, a couple of extra pillows from our garage storage, and our “hello” rug that we purchased then painted.

I added a handful of heart picks to the two faux trees that flank the porch stairs.

On, the porch, I flipped a Christmas pillow to reveal the red side and added it to the chair. then I added a couple other old pillows to the ground.

The tree got the foam heart treatment, and the cute and affordable wreath was the finishing touch!

Tip: Flip a holiday-themed pillow to the backside to reveal a simple option that works for Valentine’s Day!

The night time view of the Valentine’s Day porch decor – so festive and fun!

Here’s a closer look at the adorable wreath (cost $8), and is hung with a clean command hook. This could definitely be a fairly easy DIY project, but for $8 it was worth it for me to buy.

If you wanted to make one you could buy a heart wreath form and make some yarn tassels to hang from it pretty easily.

This rainbow tassel wall hanging would also look awesome.

A zoomed out look at some of the Valentine’s day outdoor decor in the day time

A quick peek at our inside entryway Valentine decor

I taped the same foam hearts on the wall surrounding our mirror and added some pom pons and plug in fairy lights to the trees for some festivity inside. It’s a little gaudy, but it makes us smile…especially our daughter. 🙂

If you wanted to go more subtle you could definitely skip the foam hearts.

I also taped some hearts to our inside curtain lights as well as strung a heart banner together with a needle and yarn.

P.S. In case anyone wants a closer look at our treat basket for our delivery people, here it is. I simply filled a baking dish with chips and a hand made note (I replenish as needed.

The Pringle’s chips are by far a fan favorite! 🙂

What do you think? Decently festive for around $25, huh? The foam hearts went a long way in our Valentine’s Day outdoor decor!



What are your plans for New Years Eve? We’ll be staying in as a family, but that doesn’t have to stop us from making a few fun and festive NYE cocktails.

Are you hosting a small get-together? My good friend Renee Dinsmore (who is the best party planner and host) is sharing 15 easy, last-minute ways to glam up your cocktail.

Yes, you have hit the NYE Cocktail DIY jackpot! 


Upcycle Christmas into NYE – make a tinsel drink pick.

Cut a small section (2-3”) of tinsel garland. Use a hot glue gun to wrap and stick on top of a cocktail pick. 

If you don’t have a cocktail pick, grab some wooden skewers online or in the grilling section of the grocery store. You can custom cut the picks to the perfect size for your glassware.

If you don’t want to use real champaign glasses (or don’t have enough) you can use these affordable plastic flutes!

Decorate with leftover curling ribbon or tie a wire bow around the flute stem.


Turn wrapping paper or bags into a flute flag.

Take a 1”x1” section of wrapping paper. Fold in half of the top of a long toothpick and glue the ends together with a glue stick.
I love these pretty, modern flutes!

Leftovers from the Christmas fruit display?

Skewer the fruit, freeze, and pull them out right before you pour your NYE champagne.


Convert Christmas letters printed on pretty paper or premium wrapping paper into NYE-themed paper fortune cookies like these, inspired by Unsophisticook.

You can also use real fortune cookies or make your own with this kit.


Add a splash of fun flavor, topping with raspberry, orange, or almond liqueur.

Pour chilled champagne into a flute, and then top with a ½ oz of liqueur of choice.
It is best if the liqueur is chilled too.
Keep it in the freezer or the iced-filled beverage tub. (Chambord is my favorite raspberry liqueur, Grand Marnier or Cointreau are great orange liquers, and any amaretto counts as almond liqueur.)

Enjoy a simple aromatic bubbly NYE cocktail.

Place peeled, shaved ginger root and a sprig of rosemary in a champagne flute.
Top with chilled peach bubbly. Barefoot Peach Fusion is delish and affordable. This beverage was my husband’s favorite, and he is a straight single-malt scotch man.

Decorate your glass – better yet, let your guests do it!

Use washable wine glass writers to decorate your flutes. Such a great way to personalize and keep track of your glass! 

Rim the flute of your champaign glass with a decorative gold or silver sugar. So sparkly! 

Let your guests make DIY-on-the-fly pipe cleaner drink charms.

Use festive sparkly pipe cleaners to shape names and dates that can easily be added to each guest’s glass. Such a fun personalized touch!

Concoct a simple champagne NYE cocktail – pineapple upside down fizz.

Mix 1/2 oz vanilla vodka + 1 oz pineapple juice.  Top with bubbly (an affordable Brut is the absolute best for this drink).

Whip up a chocolate bliss champagne NYE cocktail.

Pour 1/2 oz chilled chocolate vodka and top with cold champagne. Note: dairy-based vodka makes this an ugly, not-so-great drink.
Add a strawberry or balance a skewered, sugared donut hole over the flute. I
cannot stress this enough. This drink is ahhh-mazing!

Make a festive and fruity sorbet champagne NYE cocktail.

Place 2-3 Tbsp of the sorbet flavor of your choice in the flute. Top with champaign. Allow the sorbet to melt for optimum flavor.

Have some nostalgic fun with champagne Jell-o shots!

Nostalgia Alert: This is a modified Jell-o Jiggler Recipe. Boil 1 cup of champagne along with 1 ½ cup of water. 
Add peach, raspberry, or strawberry jell-o mix and stir for 3 minutes. SKIP
THE COLD WATER STEP. Pour the jell-o into a brownie pan (8×8 or 9×9).Chill
in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours.
Before cutting into squares, run some warm water under the pan. Cut into squares and top with gold or silver sugar sprinkles.

Go tropical!

Fill the glass 2/3 full with champagne, and then top with orange-banana-pineapple juice, preferably the V-8 Fruit Fusion or Simply Orange. Garnish with an orange wedge/maraschino cherry flag.

See, I told you this was the NYE cocktail gold mine!!

And aren’t her photos divine? Thanks so much for guest posting, Renee!

I think I need to go pour myself a cocktail now. 🙂


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Do you love a cute snow globe? I’m so excited to show how I made a DIY personalized one – perfect for winter holiday decor, a keepsake, or gift!

This project requires only a handful of supplies and is super easy – it’s sure to be a conversation starter!


3-4 bottle brush trees in your desired colors
Family photo or kiddo (showing full bodies)
Sticky back foam tape (or hot glue gun)
Plastic or glass globe with lid (a jar also works)
Scissors and Exact-o knife
Tape measure or ruler
Faux snow (or epsom salt)
Ribbon (optional)

Take a ruler or tape measure and decide how tall you want your photo to be – I decided on 2.75″ tall.

Open your favorite photo editing software (I use Photoshop), and size your favorite digital photo to the exact size that fits in your snow globe.

My color printer wasn’t printing the photo very well, so I decided to upload it to CVS photo center and had a 4×6 photo printed in less than an hour.

It cost me about 40 cents – worth it!

I used my scissors to cut around the photo, and then took my Exact-o knife to cut the smaller areas.

Make sure to leave a tail on the bottom of the photo so you can fold it and use it to stand the photo up in the snow globe.

It doesn’t have to be perfect since you won’t be able to see it once it’s taped down to the globe base.

Take your reversible stick foam tape and pop one on the base of each tree. You can use a hot glue gun if you’d rather. I prefer the tape since it’s easier to adjust as needed.

Fold the tail of the photo back and add a foam sticky on that as well.

Take the inner base of the snow globe (or the lid if you’re working with a jar) and start gluing or taping your trees and photo down toward the center until you’re happy with the placement.

Add in as many bottle brush trees as you wish! My trees came in the colors shown, but you can always spray paint them other colors if you wish.

Once you’re happy with the layout, add in a handful of faux snow (or epsom salt).

Flip your lid upside down and carefully place into the globe securely.

Gently flip the globe right side up and shake until the snow is placed to your liking.

Add the secondary lid if your snow globe has one.

I thought the white plastic base was too plain, and contemplated spray painting it, but decided to simply tape a ribbon around it – I love the ribbon detail!

I absolutely love how my DIY personalized snow globe turned out and will cherish it for years to come!

What do you think, totally doable right? I will definitely be making a few more to give to the grandparents as gifts. I just love how it turned out and it only took me about 30 minutes.

If you make one of your own globe I’d love to see it! Please tag me in your InstaTwitter, or Facebook photos – I’m always so grateful when you Pin my work as well.


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Have some extra felt laying around? Use it to make a cute and easy DIY felt banner!

This is a great project that only requires a few supplies and is is mostly kid friendly – my seven-year-old helped me.

Supplies needed for your DIY felt banner

Felt in various coordinating colors
Sharp scissors
Pom pons (optional)
Large needle
Yarn or thick string (or ribbon)
My free lettering template (optional)
Marker or pen

If you’re in Kansas City I highly recommend you shop at Scraps KC before you buy new from a store. They’re a creative’s dream and have any and all kinds of art and craft supplies for a fraction of the cost of new.

When you support them, you help keep waste out of landfills and also help the KC homeless work a job at Scraps KC while also receiving a warm meal, clothing, and so much more. Check out their mission to learn more.

If you’re more of a video person, here’s the felt banner video tutorial I put together with all the steps:

Decide what color of felt you want to use – I’m going to go with three colors.

Next, take a marker and either hand draw your letters or you can use my free template if you prefer.

If you choose to use my free template, simply cut out and trace your desired letters.


I chose to freehand my DIY felt banner for more of an organic look.

Once all letters are drawn, take your sharp scissors and cut slightly inside of each letter outline.

Vivi loved helping me with this part of the project!

Set all your letters out in order, and add your pom poms in if you choose to use them.

Grab your yarn, string, or ribbon.

If you choose to use ribbon, you can simply hot glue each letter on top of the ribbon and skip the needle and thread step.

I chose to go the needle and thread route, which required a thick needle with an opening large enough to fit the thicker yarn through.

Grab the item you want to appear first (on the far left) of your banner, and simply string your needle and yarn all the way through it.

Pull the yarn through the pom pom, and move onto your next item.

When you’re ready to start threading your letter make sure you always go through the front of the letter for a clean look.

You’ll pull the thread through and bring it back through to the front.

Then simply pull the yarn all the way through.

Flip your letter over and admire.

Repeat this step on all letters and pom poms in order as the letters should appear. I chose to quickly change my “F” color to red.

This step moves very quickly after you knock complete one letter.

Finish up your felt banner with your final pom pom!

You’ll want to make sure you leave about 10-12″ of excess string on both sides for hanging.

These steps took me about three minutes – so easy!

Grab any kind of tape, a tack, command hook, or anything you want to use to hang, and simply add the yarn to the wall.

I chose to use some gold foil duct tape that I cut into smaller strips.

It’s really easy to move your letters and pom poms after they are strung, and I love that you aren’t stuck with any placement!

Step back and admire your super cute and fun DIY felt banner!

It looks so festive my the tree in our dining room – see my full holiday home tour here.

What do you think, pretty easy right?

If you make one of your own I’d love to see it! Please tag me in your InstaTwitter, or Facebook photos – I’m always so very thankful when you Pin my work as well.


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I love a festive holiday home tour to get into the holiday spirit, and love sharing our home each season.

Grab your hot cocoa or beverage of choice, and join me on a tour of our quirky 1970s home all decked out for the holidays!

The front porch

I always go big on the outside of our home and we’re usually the most festive house on the block. I’m looking forward to a good snow to photograph and share more photos of the whole exterior.

With the help of Craftcuts, I made the DIY JOLLY sign and love displaying it on the brick ledge.

The entry way

I love adding flocked garland and trees to the stairs and staircase. We will eventually replace this bannister with a more clean and modern one.

I added a few small flocked trees from the Target dollar bin and a gifted cloche from Terrain, all covered in plug-in fairy lights. I love the glow they add to this space.

Eventually I might buy 5 more trees for the rest of the stairs.

Straight ahead is my bottle brush tree table, which is one of my favorites!

I’ve collected bottle brush trees for the last few years at various places such as Target, Etsy, and Walmart.

The pillows are from the Target Dollar Spot last year. I love adding them to baskets with blankets.

We store shoes and other accessories under the blankets and pillows. I love hiding clutter whenever possible.

I got the cute little gold house last year at Home Goods.

Next up on the holiday home tour…the lower living room.

This room is where we spend most of our time as a family, and I go a little more gold and glam down here.

I connected two sets of gold and silver bulb garland from Michaels and then added some gold tinsel garland and white lights to achieve the look on the fireplace.

To make it easier on myself, I kept our existing artwork and accessories and aded in a few candles and more affordable bottle brush trees.

Our stockings are from Michaels, and I got them after Christmas a couple years ago for a steal. They coordinate with our tree skirt.

Our flocked tree is from Walmart, and we’ve had it for a few years – I love it!

I got these two vintage looking gold trees from Target after Christmas last year on clearance, and they’re my favorite. Some fairy lights were added to them for even more sparkle.

The gold wax warmer works very well and puts off the best shadows!

I keep most of our plants in this nook where they love the light, and I don’t move them for the holidays. Adding some lights and an old gold metal Christmas banner to the windows brings a touch of fun there.

You might also notice a weird face up in the ceiling woodwork. Those came with this fixer upper, and we will remove it sometime soon, ha!

Our fireplace used to have two faces on it too. It felt so good to remove those and redo the mantle.

The fixer upper corner on our holiday home tour

Another upcoming DIY project is our 1970s wet bar, which needs an update. I might just give it a mini facelift and see how that goes. Then down the road we might replace it with something more modern and spacious.

I added some gold garland, greenery springs, and retro inspired lights for a touch of festivity.

This small tree has turned into the place we display our tacky ornaments along with a vintage Pizza Hut Land Before Time1980s hand puppet. We like to keep it classy over here. Haha!

The dining room

Up the stairs you head back into the entry way, then the dining room. I added more color in this room.

The skinny tree is so affordable from Walmart this year. I spray painted old ornaments that I had on hand to get this color palette.

The Santa pillow is vintage from my childhood, the trees pillow is from Target, and the dog pillow is a gift from my mom since we just had to say goodbye to Edgar at almost 15 years old. The pillow moves all over the house from day to day.

I always love to share my curtain lights! I’ve been enjoying these for three years, and they add such amazing sparkle to our home during the holidays.

They have a lot of different light modes, and I like to change them up often.

Here’s a closer look at the curtain lights when the room is darker.

My daughter and I handmade the Fa la la banner our of felt and string. I’m hoping to do a blog tutorial soon.

Our new modern live edge table is my favorite part of this room.

I tried something new this year with my DIY holiday terrariums and I love how they all look displayed together on this vintage buffet table.

The best part about these is that most of the glass and some cars came from Goodwill – I love to thrift when I can.

The bar cart used to be where the tree is now, and moved to this corner temporarily. I added a few festive touches to it.

I got these two plastic holiday tumblers at Target for a couple bucks.

My favorite holiday decor I purchased this year are these adorable simple, modern wooden trees. They came from my favorite local store, RE.

My home office

I’ve been working form home since March, and I had loved decorating my office nook for the first time this year!

The office has a seating area and is is right off the kitchen, which we completely gutted and rebuilt ourselves a few years ago (it took us two long years from start to finish).

I love how open this space is and that it allows me to keep an eye on my daughter’s virtual school days.

I added a flocked pink tree and more curtain lights to this room, and I love how fun and cozy it feels!

The next few photos offer a closer look…

This Santa mug from always makes me smile. I wish I could remember where I got it.

I added a light up letter board and a few other decorative items on my vintage storage cabinet.

A mini gold tree with office supplies from Dollar Tree for ornaments hangs out on my desk with me.

I love this basket of cozy blankets and a cute pillow from Kohl’s next to my colorful snowman.

And a look over at the seating area. I just got this affordable modern couch to replace our old one, which was damaged beyond repair.

We’re nearing the final stops on the holiday home tour.

The kitchen

I added in a Target Dollar Spot tree and a snowman to a cutting board with our butter dish on it to add some festivity to our island.

The coffee corner has another Santa mug and tea towel.

Just a small festive touch!

I have quite a few small Target Dollar Spot trees throughout the house as you might have noticed.

Up the stairs we go to our guest bathroom.

I added a couple of mini trees and a snowman to the countertop and a DIY tea towel that I made with my Cricut Joy.

And you can’t forget the festive toilet paper from the Target Dollar Spot, ha!
I’ve also seen it at Walmart and Amazon.

The final stop on the holiday home tour is our half bath and laundry room combo.

I added one of my free holiday printables, another DIY tea towel along with a couple more Target mini trees.

Just a couple of festive touches!

And of course more holiday TP.

What a fitting way to end the year and holiday home tour! 🙂

Thanks so much for joining me!

If you want to check out last year’s tour you can do that here.


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I received my Cricut Joy as a gift last March, and I’ve been enjoying it ever since!

Have a crafty friend or family member and on the hunt for the perfect holiday gift for them? I can assure you, they’d love a Cricut Joy and some accessories.

Other than my Cricut Joy, my favorite accessories and materials include:
Easy Press 2
Standard Grip Mat
Basic Tool Set
Fine Point Pens
Metallic Vinyl
Replacement Blades
Cricut Access
Smart Iron-On vinyl (I love the holographic ones!)

I’ve made so many fun items with my Joy, which is very user friendly and the perfect compact size.

The first Cricut project I ever made was homemade cards to mail to friends and family. The cards were so easy to make using insert cards. My then six-year-old even helped me assemble – if that tells you how easy it is to use.

Everyone loved receiving some happy mail!

Did you know it’s super easy to make your own vinyl t-shirt and tea towel designs with Joy and Easy Press?

I recently made the most fun holiday tea towels for friends and family using Cricut Smart Iron-On vinyl, and I was shocked at how easy it was! I created so many designs in under an hour, and had the best time. I used a combination of my own designs as well as pre-made designs available in Cricut Access (Standard or Premium).

Using the Easy Press made the project so darn quick and easy. That accessory has quickly become a favorite!

I can’t wait to gift them this season.

Creating t-shirt art was just as easy as the tea-towel art. I simply used a free heart shape provided in Cricut Design Space and printed it using the same Iron-On vinyl.

Vivi loves that I can customize her clothes now, and has a request list a mile long, ha!

A Cricut Joy can make nearly anything, and is great for personalization projects.

When school started, we personalized all of our supplies using our Cricut, Smart Vinyl, and basic tool set. We loved how everything turned out and Vivi felt so much more excited to start virtual school.

As you can see, the possibilities with a Cricut Joy are pretty endless.

I highly recommend this machine as a treat for yourself or a loved one this holiday season!

The price of a Joy is very affordable and it quickly pays for itself after only a handful of projects. You can even start a side hustle selling items you make.

If anyone has any specific questions about the Joy, I’m more than happy to help! You can DM me on Instagram or Facebook. 🙂


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I’m excited to show just how fun and easy it is to make custom and cute holiday tea towel gifts with your Cricut Joy and Easy Press.

I love making handmade gifts whenever I can, and it doesn’t get much more fun than holiday themed tea towels in my opinion.

I decided to make each neighbor on our street a holiday themed tea towel to go along with the gifts I will be giving them.

We also made a super customized tea towel for my daughter’s second grade teacher – I can’t wait to show you! Let’s go!

Making holiday tea towels for our neighbors

I gathered my supplies and got to work:

1. Cricut Joy (or any other Cricut machine)
2. Cricut basic tool set
3. Cricut Access (Standard or Premium)
4. Cricut Easy Press 2
5. Cricut Smart Iron-On vinyl in various colors
(red, pink, turquoise, gold glitter, dahlia holographic)
6. Cricut Design Space
7. Bulk tea towels
8. Scissors

This 12-pack of affordable tea towels is from Amazon

I started with some holly jolly art I designed and shared as free printables last year.

I saved my vector Illustrator file as a .svg file and uploaded it into Cricut Design Space.

Once it was uploaded to Design Space, I sized it to my desired size of 4.5″ wide and welded it together. Finally, I following the directions for iron on vinyl, I mirrored/flipped my design.

I added my iron-on vinyl to my Cricut Joy and it quickly cut out my design with the shiny side facing down.

Next, using my weeder tool, I weeded away the excess vinyl.

Time to iron my design onto my tea towel.

I turned on my Easy Press 2 and let it heat up to 315 degrees according to Cricut’s heat guide – this amazing press heats up sooo quickly!

I set out my heat pad and placed my tea towel on top.

Once it was up to temp, I heated up the section of my towel where my design will go for 5 seconds and placed my design shiny side up on the towel.

I followed Cricut’s heat guide to determine how long I needed to heat the design, which is 15 seconds on the front, then 15 seconds on the backside of the towel.

Once the design was completely cool, I gently peeled away the clear sheet.

I used this design for three different towels in different colors.

It was so easy and I couldn’t wait to make more holiday tea towels!

The quality and durability of the smart iron on vinyl is great, and I love that it outlasts 50+ washes!

For my second towel, I found some cute pre-made holiday ornament designs on Cricut Design Space and followed the same steps from above.

I used the same design for three different towels in different colored vinyls.

Next, I designed to create a custom fa, la, la design and upload it to Design Space for my final holiday tea towel design.

I followed the same steps, and couldn’t wait to try out the gold glitter smart iron on.

It took quite a while to weed the vinyl on this one due to the intricate font design, but it was worth it. 🙂

Finally, I designed to design a super customized holiday tea towel for my daughter’s second grade teacher.

My daughter wrote a quick note to her teacher and took a photo of it with my phone. I brought it into Photoshop to adjust the brightness and contrast – then brought it into Illustrator and imaged traced it. From there, I saved as a .svg and uploaded it to Design Space.

I decided to do a a design on both the front and back side of the towel, so I hunted through free image sets with the key word “teacher” and found the cutest free pre-made graphic. It was perfect for our towel!

This design was the perfect chance for me to use my Dahlia holographic Smart Iron-On vinyl!

I followed the same steps from the projects above and absolutely love how it turned out! The extra personalization from the note is my favorite part – I hope her teacher likes it! 🙂

And now the final reveal of my DIY kitchen towels using my Cricut Joy…

I’m in love!!!

Back side of the teacher tea towel
Front side of the teacher tea towel
I adore the holographic detail! So fun!

And here are the towels I made for our neighbors….so fun!

I had the BEST time making these holiday tea towels with my Cricut joy and definitely plan on making more for all future holidays.

They are truly easy and make the best gifts for friends, teachers, and family.

If you make some of your own I’d love to see them! Please tag me in your InstaTwitter, or Facebook photos – I’m always so very thankful when you Pin my work as well.


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I’m so excited to share our new custom dining table made by J THOMAS HOME.

Our gorgeous new table replaced a veneer table that we had for awhile. We love real wood furniture and have been slowly trying to replace our mass produced veneer furniture throughout our home.

We love the idea of a well-made investment piece that we can keep in our family and pass down in the future. This table is just that!

Here’s a look at our mass produced old table. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it – we will upcycle and reuse it in some way in the future (most likely in our basement when we finish it).

The size was perfect for our dining room and we love the modern look, so we knew we wanted a table in the same size and style.

Working with J THOMAS HOME

J THOMAS HOME is a family-owned and operated custom furniture shop in Kansas City. They handcraft each piece to your requested dimensions and colors to perfectly fit your style and space.

From projects both large and small, they are proud to say that their high-quality pieces can be found in every state in the US, plus Canada, Puerto Rico, and Hong Kong! You can even shop them online.

Owners Josh & Emily built their business from literally their garage, up, and were so wonderful to work with.

The custom dining table ordering process

I visited the shop in September to take a look at different woods and finishes in person.

During my visit they were undergoing a big show room remodel. It’s finished now and is absolutely gorgeous. If you’re in the Kansas City area, I highly recommend a visit. If you don’t live in the area you can contact them to set up a virtual consultation.

It was so helpful to see all the options in person, and I ended up choosing a durable hard maple with live edge in a medium toned stain. I fell in love with the beautiful wood grain!

A quick tour through the shop

They walked me through the shop and it was apparent how many different projects they have going on ranging from large to small.

It was cool to see the joinery equipment – they used this to join our pieces together for our table.

Their premium shelves are one of their most popular online items, and they can do different styles and finishes.

J THOMAS HOME does both residential and commercial jobs – furniture, cabinetry, cutting boards, desks, shelves, benches – you name it, they can do it.

Our custom dining table

I loved receiving updates on our table as it went through each step. Once I saw it all joined together, I got even more excited!

I got most excited to receive the clear coat photos, which meant the table was almost finished, and all that was left was some drying time.

We decided to reuse our hairpin legs from our previous table, and I loved how flexible they were with that option.

Once the table top went into the clear coat stage, Ted and Vivi removed the legs from our old table. I delivered them to the shop so the holes could be drilled.

Ted taught Vivi how to use a socket wrench, and she ended up removing 3 legs on her own. We love including her in our projects and teaching her how to DIY!

We were without a table for a few says, but the wait was definitely worth it.

Our new dining table!

We received an email letting us know our table top was finished and we were so excited. We decided to drive to the shop and drive it home in our SUV. In order for it to fit we decided that we would add the legs ourselves once we got it home. They also offer a delivery option.

The final size of the table is 72″ x 35″.

We quickly added our hair pin legs to the bottom of the table top. Having the holes pre-drilled for us was very helpful!

Once the legs were added, we set up the table and immediately fell in love!

I couldn’t wait to take some photos of our gorgeous new table!

And yes, I’m an early holiday decorator, always have been, ha! Check out last year’s holiday home tour if you’re curious.

I love everything about this table, but the live edge detail is my absolute favorite.

If live edge isn’t your thing, don’t worry, they can make tables in any style.

Vivi loves to use the table for her virtual education classes.

We also like to use our table for craft projects, and make sure to use a protective table cloth.

I love spending time in this room now!

These cute color block trees are from my favorite local home decor store, RE. You can order online here too!

I highly recommend J THOMAS HOME for your next custom project.

Check out their blog to learn more and don’t forget to check out their extensive portfolio to see their work.

If you decide to work with them, please tell them I sent you! I’d also love to see the finished product! 🙂


Disclosure: I was gifted this table in trade for my honest review. I only share products I truly love.

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I love getting festive with our outdoor Halloween decor each year, and had so much fun decorating our porch, yard, and window boxes recently!

Let’s take a tour shall we? I’ll start with the daytime photos and then show some nighttime photos with all the uplighting and orange LED lights.

I love to add drama with tons of creepy, stretchy spider webs across our bushes, window box, plants, and stacked pumpkins on the porch.

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

A few giant fuzzy spiders add some creepy elements and look great uplit in the evening. I purchased a few ghosts at Dollar Tree and here are some similar ones from Amazon.

Link to large spiders

One of my favorite outdoor Halloween decor elements are my lit pumpkins in the window boxes.

I love piling them all up and adding outdoor fairy lights, spiderwebs, skulls, and regular faux pumpkins in a grouping.

I usually use real ferns in the boxes, but switched to faux ferns this year, and they have been so easy and low maintenance! I added in some faux fall florals as well.

Another lit pumpkin option

They look super cool at night!

The skulls came from Dollar Tree, but I’ve seen them at Amazon as well.

Each year I stock up on affordable stretchy spider webs from Amazon, Dollar Tree, and Target Dollar Spot. They make such an impact and stretch so far across the front of our house.

I’ve been growing my faux pumpkin collection for a handful of years. some of them came in colors, and others I’ve spray painted and drilled holes into to make DIY luminary pumpkins.

Three hay bales added to this porch corner help elevate my faux pumpkins, mums, ornamental cabbage, a crow, and gold skull.

This is one of my favorite corners in our outdoor Halloween decor!

A few pumpkins, fall plants, and a cat from Dollar Tree add a little something to this small area covered in spider webs.

The plants get a spider web layer as well.

This year I went a little extra and added the spider web to the other half of the front of the house. I also added a set of lit pumpkin stakes fro Michaels to the landscaping.

In our two upstairs window boxes, I added the same lit pumpkins mixed in with my early fall decor.

A third larger, fuzzy spider made a home here as well.

Here’s a zoomed out look. I totally know how gaudy it all is, haha!

Holiday decor is kinda all the fun we have right now during this pandemic, so I went big this year.

The neighbor kids absolutely love it, and I love making things feel a little magical when I can during almost all holidays.

I added five skeleton and pumpkin ghouls from Dollar Tree to our five trees near the sidewalk.

And now it’s time for the nighttime portion of the outdoor Halloween decor tour!

Here’s a zoomed out look. Closer to Halloween night we’re going to add large googley eyes, fog, and lighting to our attic observatory.

And a closer look at the front porch decor. I love the orange LED lights in the bushes and behind the ghost also from Dollar Tree.

I like to use couple Halloween lights that display moving ghosts and spooky eyes on an empty wall to add some fun at night!

I got mine for $12 at Michaels, but can’t find them any longer. Similar ones can be found here and here.

Soooo many spiders webs and orange lights everywhere, ha!

I made this large DIY window box a few years ago, and love decorating it for every holiday.

All I did here was pile up a bunch of light up pumpkins that I’ve collected over the last decade with smaller faux pumpkins, fairy lights, faux ferns, and faux fall florals.

I love how the window box area looks when it’s lit with my favorite outdoor LED up lights that we use year-round. Lighting adds so much drama!

What do you think of my outdoor Halloween decor tour?

As I said earlier, I know it’s very gaudy, but it brings some fun to our neighborhood. We have a handful of other houses on our street who have gone extra big for Halloween this year, and it just feels so festive.:)

I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy!


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Or any of my other Halloween freebies and projects.


Join me on a quick tour though our outdoor fall decor.

If you’re coming from Chica & Jo — welcome! I hope you enjoyed their rustic fall porch decor ideas. Scroll to the bottom of this post for links to some more awesome fall porch decor ideas!

Fall is my very favorite — I absolutely love decorating our front porch porch and window boxes for the season. I has so much fun this year and am even waiting longer than I usually do to transition to Halloween decor.

Here’s a zoomed out look at our front porch!

Now, let’s take a closer look!

I’ve been collecting faux pumpkins for years, and this year I decided to add a ton of them to our front porch decor. They’re so impactful, especially with some uplighting and fairy lights shining on them at night.

I started by stacking 3 medium sized hay bales from Michaels, then adding some fresh fall flowers from Lowes. Then I added about 25 pumpkins in various colors and sizes (mostly from Michaels, Amazon and the Target Dollar Spot).

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

The 3 hay bales help to fill the space and add height and dimension.

All of these pumpkins, except for the metallic gold spray painted ones, came in these colors. I love how they all work well together, but I’m never afraid to spray paint pumpkins to get the look I’m after.

Once the pumpkins were all placed to my liking, I added a handful of fall plants to the mix (mums, ornamental cabbage, and heirloom celosia).

I also added two of the DIY drill hole luminary pumpkins I made last year and filled them with some outdoor lights for an extra night time glow.

A closer look at some outdoor fall decor details

A few faux pumpkins and a small potted mum adds a touch of fall to the garden stool table next to my beloved outdoor Kurv chair I found for $50 at Home Goods. If you’re on the hunt, they also sell them at Target and Home Depot.

I love my outdoor striped pillow and seem to find a way to work it into my decor every season.

To add some color, I stacked an indoor pillow on it for the photos, but then shopped my house and found a gold and white outdoor pillow that I forgot about — it does better out in the elements.

Until now, I’ve never planted ornamental cabbage, but I’ll definitely be adding it in every fall moving forward. I love how unique and pretty it is mixed with mums!

Next to the door, I added the beautiful heirloom celosia flowers in the pot they came in. I spray painted the plastic pot metallic gold to give it a more elevated look.

Our customized fall front porch rug

Here’s a zoomed out look at this little corner with the cute Target “hello” outdoor rug my daughter and I customized with some acrylic paint. It’s stacked on top of our plastic outdoor striped rug from IKEA a few years ago.

We chose the paint colors for the rug based off our our DIY front door pumpkin wreath that I made last year.

This angle shows the rug and wreath together at an angle.

I really like how the outdoor fall decor on the porch came together, but I couldn’t stop there, so I moved onto our 3 window boxes next.

A few years ago, I made this large DIY window box and love to decorate it for the holidays!

I gathered more faux pumpkins, which were mostly all orange, and spray painted a handful of them gold, coral, and white. Once they were dry, I placed about 10 of them in the window box along with some faux fall floral sprigs from Michaels.

I usually use real ferns in our window boxes, but decided to use faux ferns this year. Nearly Natural makes some very realistic looking plants that I love to use in the colder months.

I decided to take the window box up a notch by adding a strand of outdoor plug in fairy lights. I love how dainty and pretty they are at night!

We recently made two more DIY window boxes to go in the street-facing windows on our second floor. I added some faux greenery, pumpkins, faux florals, and fairy lights to them as well.

Thanks for joining me on my outdoor fall decor home tour!

If you wanna take a peek inside you can always head to my latest interior home tour.

Now it’s time to head on over to Christin at My Homier Home’s autumn-inspired fall front porch!

Oh, and you won’t want to miss more home tours from some of my other DIY friends. Head on over to these blogs to check out some more cute decor ideas!

More fall front porch tours!

Christin’s Autumn-Inspired Fall Front Porch

Chica & Jo’s Rustic fall porch decor ideas

Amy’s Monster Party Porch Decor

Nicole’s Mums Galore Fall Front Porch

Morgan’s Classic Fall Porch

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Learn how to make a super unique Halloween wreath with only a handful of supplies!

Mini plastic skulls. I lucked out and found mine at the Dollar Tree, but you can get them online here, here, and here as well.

Spray paint in your favorite color(s). I prefer the kind that is made to cover plastic, and have also found that the COLORSHOT brand works very well and has a great, saturated color.

Wreath hoop form. I started off with these two options, but changed my mind to use a simple thin modern hoop form (I’ll show you later in this post).

Hot glue gun and plenty of glue. I used the extra long glue sticks, which really saved time. You’ll go through a lot of glue!

I got the idea to make this wreath from a pumpkin version I made last fall. Once i saw the mini skulls in the store, the idea immediately came to me.

Here’s a photo of last year’s wreath.

Let’s spray paint the Halloween wreath!

Decide what spray paint colors you want to use for your wreath. I chose to use 4 different colors, but you can choose only one if you wish. This part is a total personal preference.

You’ll also need to lay out the skulls over your wreath form to decide roughly how many skulls you’ll need, and I recommend spraying more than you think you’ll need because you’ll probably end up needing them.

I used 62 skulls on my wreath if that helps. 🙂

I started off by laying out 12 skulls on a drop cloth and sprayed my first coat of this beautiful COLORSHOT spray paint. This brand of spray paint has great coverage and color choices.

Tip 1: The wind from the spray paint knocked these lightweight skulls around, which made it hard to get a completely smooth look.

I gathered some toothpicks and stuck them in the small hole at the bottom of each skull. Then I placed them in some styrofoam I found in the garage (you can also use a cardboard box). This setup worked like a charm and I highly recommend it.

Tip 2: If you want all of your skulls to be the same color it would be much quicker for you to glue on your skulls unpainted, then spray paint the whole wreath after all the skulls are glued down.

After coat one

I sprayed 2 coats of paint. The first coat doesn’t usually cover the black eyes, nose, and teeth.

Once you have spray painted all your skulls, let them dry for about one to two hours.

After two coats.

Let’s build our Halloween wreath!

Gather your wreath form, skulls, and glue gun and settle in because this part is a bit time consuming – it’ll be worth it, promise. 🙂

I started off trying to use the wreath form shown above, but didn’y like all the lines that would show through the negative areas behind the skulls, so I grabbed another wreath form from my stash.

The more simple the form, the less it will show from behind.

Hot glue your first skull securely to the top center of your wreath form and allow about 15 seconds for it to dry. You’ll want to add more glue than you’d think to support the skull and allow you to continue building.

Glue your second skull next to the first skull making sure it is glues to the side of the first skull as well as the wreath form.

I like to have the skulls facing different directions for an organic/imperfect look.

Here’s a closeup look at glue on the side of a skull before placing the next skull – you’ll want to be generous with your glue.

Making progress on this Halloween wreath!

Once your first group of skulls are glued down, it’s time to add your next color of skulls.

I went with a cheerful yellow color and followed the same steps I did to attach the pink skulls. It’s very repetitive, but starts to move pretty quickly once you get the hang of it.

I recommend using a pair of tweezers to pull the dried strands of hot glue away from your wreath as you go. You could also wait and pull the glue away at the very end, whatever you prefer.

Here’s a look at the backside. As you can see it is kind of messy with all the glue, but this side will be hidden so it doesn’t bother me. If it bothers you, you’ll want to add smaller globs of glue. 🙂

Onto the next color!

Repeat the same steps for your third color of skulls.

…and then the fourth and final color.

Don’t forget to glue both the front and back sides of the wreath form and skulls for added durability.

The moment you’ve been waiting for – my completed DIY skull Halloween wreath!

I just love how these four colors pop off of my turquoise front door. It makes me so happy and only cost me $10 to make.

A reminder, if you’re not a rainbow color fan, you can choose whatever color(s) of spray paint you want!

What do you think? Will you try this Halloween wreath project? I highly recommend it!

If you decide to make one for yourself I’d love it if you’d share your finished product with me so I can share in on my Instagram stories and Facebook.

And If you’d be kind enough to pin the images below to Pinterest, I’d be so appreciative!

Check out my fall Halloween decor tour!

Pin for later!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut for Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

I received my very first Cricut product — a Cricut Joy last April, and have been having so much fun with it ever since.

I seriously can’t believe I didn’t start using one long before. It’s perfect for a creative like me!

Today I’m sharing my top 5 reasons why I love my Cricut Joy.

1. Ease of use

I always heard how easy a Cricut is to use, but until I tried it I just wasn’t sure. It’s true — they make it so user friendly and easy. I jumped right in and learned the ropes instantly. The Cricut basic tool set also makes every project go a bit more smoothly, so I highly recommend that set.

I have to admit, I’m not an instruction reader, and I love that I could figure out how to use Design Space and my machine on my own without reading instructions. It’s seriously that easy. But don’t be like me — read instructions, ha!

2. Cricut Access

I had no idea Access existed and just how many pre-made design files and fonts are available — hundreds! It’s a game changer, and you can choose from a Standard or Premium version – I’m using the Premium version.

Access makes it quick and easy to personalize anything with a click of a button, and the project inspiration is so inspiring.

3. Cute and compact size

I have a ton of craft supplies and materials in my home office, and am quickly running out of storage. I love that the Cricut Joy is so compact and easy to store when not in use.

It’s so cute it even looks good styled on my book shelf and doesn’t even need to be hidden away. To some that may seem silly, but the aesthetics of my home office/craft area really matter to me. Anyone else like this?

4. Versatility

You can make nearly anything with the line of Cricut products — if you can dream it, you can probably make it. So far I’ve made a t-shirt, cards, various labels, personalized school supplies and a metal koozie, and so much more.

I love how many vinyl products and colors there are to choose form, and Cricut is always coming out with new products — like their Infusible Inks, which is always exciting.

5. Value

Before I knew what a Cricut machine was actually capable of, I used to think that they were too expensive — was I ever wrong!

With the things that I’ve made so far I’ve more than recouped the initial cost of my Cricut Joy, Easy Press, and Cricut Access. You could even start a business selling merchandise made with a Cricut. People love personalized anything!

3 easy projects you can make with a Cricut Joy

1. Paper Cards

Last spring I had a so much fun cutting some homemade cards and having my daughter, Vivienne help me assemble them. We went with a love/heart theme and used a combination of beautiful holographic and textured papers from Cricut.

We mailed our cards to family and to residents at a local nursing home, and they were a big hit.

2. Apparel

I’ve always wanted to make a shirt using vinyl and the Cricut Joy combined with Smart Iron-On, and the Easy Press 2 made it so fun and easy!

I hadn’t used the Easy Press 2 until I made this shirt, and it was so straightforward and once again, easy to use. I loved being able to utilize the Cricut website to get the exact temperature needed for this Iron-On Vinyl.

This shirt took us about 3 minutes to make from start to finish. Easy peasy!

3. Labels

We’re getting ready to start virtual education, and I have really worked hard to get us organized and ready. I’ve set up a book shelves with all the school supplies and books, and have loved making easy vinyl labels.

Here’s a look at a shelf in Vivi’s playroom.

At a bargain bin, I recently bought a to do list white board and wanted to fun it up a bit, so I decided to make a colorful label for the top section.

I added a bottom layer of vinyl and then on top of that, placed the labels working with the negative space. Once the label was applied, I decided to paint the wood border a coral pink color.

These are just a few ideas there are so many things you can make with a Cricut Joy!

If you’re on the fence about purchasing a Cricut, I hope you found this helpful. I wanted to share the things that I would have wanted to know before making the decision to buy.

I highly recommend Cricut, and can’t wait to explore the rest of their products!


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Disclosure:There are affiliate links in this post, which means if you make a purchase I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. I always appreciate your support. It helps me keep this blog running — hosting is not cheap. 🙂


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut for Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you looking for some fun ways to personalize your back to school items with your Cricut?

You’re in the right place because I’m rounding up 20 project ideas sure to inspire you!

Or maybe you’ve been eyeing a Cricut machine and not sure just how much it’s capable of? This post is also for you!

Let’s take a look at my 20 favorite back to school projects and how 20 talented bloggers chose to personalize them.

1. Modern abstract shapes

I love how Lexy at The Proper Blog personalized all her kiddo’s gear with these cute abstract layered shapes. The color palette is subtle and pretty. Super fun idea!

2. Cute and classic first day flags

Ashley over at At Home With Ashley made the cutest DIY pennant flags for first day of school photos. I love how cute and classic they are and her color choices are also fun! No matter how you’re doing the first day of school, these flags are photo prop perfection!

3. Harry Potter themed gear

If your kiddos are into Harry Potter this tutorial from Chelsea at Lovely Indeed is perfect for you! I love the subtle designs in white and gold foil. It really adds some personality to this back to school gear!

4. Personalized headphones and mask

I love how Kathy, a teacher and blogger from A Mom’s Impression, used her Cricut to personalize two must-haves for kiddos — headphones and a mask. I think I might have to borrow these ideas for our gear. So cute!

5. Face masks of the day

Ok, this is a genius idea from Vanessa at Tried and True Creative! Having a mask for each day of the week would definitely make sanitizing and organizing them so much easier. The design is adorable and uses the cool new line of infusible inks — this is a win for sure!

6. Creative folder and pouch labels

Erin at Printable Crush made the coolest personalized labels for folders and a pouch, but they could go on anything. These are sure to help her stay organized for her virtual learning adventure!

7. Super fun grade level t-shirts

How cute are these fun and creative shirts made by Jamie at The Denver Housewife?! She used pre-made Cricut Design Space designs and they turned out so great! Check out her blog post to see more of her personalized items.

8. A very thoughtful teacher care package

Sarah and Jessica at Pretty Providence were so thoughtful with this creative teacher care package! I love the clean, modern design of these essentials. Teachers are true heroes and they totally deserved to feel loved and pampered!

9. Cool and custom face masks

Ok, this is a round-up inside a round-up and I’m here for it :). The Cricut team gathered some super creative customized mask ideas from lots of bloggers and shared them in one place. Be sure to check it out to get inspired.

10. Customize a simple backpack

Sarah from Creative Ramblings designed the coolest leopard backpack pattern. It totally elevated this simple backpack and turned out so great! My daughter’s school mascot is a Leopard, so I might have to borrow her idea for our next backpack. 🙂

11. Personalize all your supplies with these sweet name stickers

Charynn from Pineapple Paper Co. went above and beyond with these cute name stickers (and much more) for all her kiddos supplies. They turned out great!

12. The ultimate personalized package

Ok, I love everything shown here in this setup made by Trista of Happily Trista. Her daughter has to be so excited to have this much personalization in her back to school gear. The rainbow lunchbox has to be my favorite!

13. Another sweet and essential teacher care package

Here’s another thoughtful teacher gift from Britni and Play Party Plan! This adorable custom-designed bag filled with supplies and absolutely amazing.

14. Cheerful face masks and a storage pouch

I’m so inspired by all the cute face masks I’ve been seeing, but these from Mariah at Giggles Galore have to be my very favorite! I just love how colorful and cheerful they are. I love the kindness rainbow option. Well done!

15. Coordinated and cute back to school set

Wow, this is quite the coordinated set from Katy over at A Shade of Teal! She killed it with all this cuteness! Head to her blog post to see all the supplies she used to create each piece.

16. Cool and complete homeschool space

Stacey at The Soccer Mom Blog converted part of her office into a homeschool/distance learning room for her girls, and it turned out so great! I love the wall decor, organizers, and cute t-shirts she created with her Cricut. Very impressive!

17. A colorful and unique pencil case and tote bag

Adanna over at Rattles and Heels created the coolest little colored pencil case and a library bag with her Cricut and an Easy Press. Head to her blog to see the tote!

18. Back to school t-shirt ideas

Another round-up in a round-up? You bet! This is a fun grouping of t-shirt ideas from the Cricut blog that you can easily create. I love these oversized shirts that can be worn senior year. Such a great idea!

19. Pretty patterned rainbow t-shirt

Vanessa at Our Thrifty Ideas created the coolest rainbow t-shirt using a mixture of patterns and it turned out beautifully! Head to her blog to see the steps she took.

20. See how I used my Cricut Joy to personalize our supplies

Sorry for the shameless plug here, but here are the six items I personalized with my Cricut for our virtual back to school experience. 🙂 You can check out all the steps and get links in this post.

As a quick reference, here are the supplies I used for my project:
Cricut Joy (or any other Cricut machine)
– Cricut smart vinyl in your favorite colors
– Cricut basic tool set
– Cricut Access (Standard or Premium)
– School supplies to personalize

I hope these ideas have inspired you and showed you just how much a Cricut can do to personalize pretty much anything!


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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

I absolutely love my Cricut Joy and have used it to personalize quite a few items for back to school!

Even though we chose the virtual education route this semester, I wanted to make sure Vivi had everything she needed. I also think that having fun and cute school supplies helps to get kiddos excited for school.

I’m newer to the Cricut world, and have absolutely loved exploring all the different products and materials over the last few months.

I had no idea just how easy and versatile my Cricut Joy would be – I wish I had gotten one sooner.

Let’s take a look at the six back to school items we personalized with our Cricut Joy, shall we?

Supplies needed for all six projects:

Cricut Joy (or any other Cricut machine)
– Cricut smart vinyl in your favorite colors
– Cricut basic tool set
– Cricut Access (Standard or Premium)
– School supplies to personalize

Unicorn pencil box

I love how easy Cricut Design Space is to use, and there are a ton of pre-made designs to choose from with a Cricut Access subscription. You really can’t mess it up.

I chose some gold foil vinyl and Vivi decided she wanted to cut a unicorn and her name for her school box.

The art was quickly cut, and I gently peeled away the unicorn using the weeder tool, then I smoothed it onto the box with the scraper tool.

We repeated the same steps to add her name to the box.

Vivi loves her personalized school box – it fits her personality so perfectly!

Flamingo sandwich container and art organizer

We have a majorthing for flamingos in our house, and were really excited to find some flamingo graphics available in our Cricut Access subscription.

We settled on this simple one and decided to cut three of them.

The weeder tool was very handy at gently pulling away some of the smaller pieces.

Once the negative area was removed, I peeled off the first flamingo and gently added it to a cute sandwich and snack box with my scraper tool.

We added another flamingo to her art organizer box. I love how much personality a simple gold flamingo or two adds to these basic items!

In our house we really love making art, so this caddy gets a lot of use and also looks cute displayed on our distance learning shelf.

Initial sandwich box

On our other sandwich container, we decided to add a “V” to the lid. We chose a font from the hundreds of options in Cricut Access and had it cut.

This font has some very thin sections, so the weeder tool came in very handy again.

We then carefully applied it to the box. I love all these fun colors together!

We’re going to use these containers for our picnic lunches we plan to occasionally have during independent learning lunch hour.

Hearts and initial water bottle

Next we decided to fun up a water bottle. Vivi chose hearts and another “V” from our previous cuts.

I cut a large sheet of hearts in various sizes. I still cant get over how many pre-made designs there are to choose from, and just how easy Design Space is to use.

I slowly applied each hart around the water bottle until they wrapped all around.

The “V” was the perfect finishing touch!

Hearts bento box

We found another heart design and decided to cut a coupl